Thank you for your interest, but we are no longer looking for new members.

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Lower Knowle Farm has been the home of Co-housing Bristol since 2009, and the four directors of the scheme who live there have been working to make this happen for far longer.

The new build homes which are being built in the grounds of the old farmhouse are now all allocated to existing members and new recruits.

The shared facilities for the cohousing project are in the farmhouse along with a number of rooms which are rented out.

When rooms become available for rent they are listed on the Bristol Alternative Abodes page on Facebook.

Some things you need to know...


Lower Knowle Farm is a farm in name only, the land was sold off years ago and the 0.9 acre site is surrounded by typical modern housing. There are no farm animals and only a small area for vegetable gardens,

We are a small group, and the length of time it has taken to get this far means the existing members are all 50+ with any kids grown and flown. However those people renting in the farmhouse range from 20's upwards.

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