Selection Process

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Getting to know you...

Essentially we all need to meet you at least once, and not necessarily at the same time as co-ordinating that can be hard with so many busy people involved.

This could mean you need to visit a couple of times, perhaps once to formally have a tour, and meet whoever is available, and if still interested, to return to meet other people and discuss things further.

We will need to gain a trust in your wish to create a community, and that you are willing and able to contribute to the practical, organisational and social aspects of running the co-housing site and group.

If it is agreed that you will be becoming part of the community we would wish to involve you in the process of making it happen, and include you in group meals and social activities between now and when we get our door keys. 

There will be an element of first come first served as the need to put names against each of the new units is compressing the timescale.

We are aware there would be many lovely families who we'd be happy to have here, so an ability to prove you can afford it and give a commitment to the project would be a deciding factor if all else is equal between candidate families.

Do please ask any questions once you have looked at all the information on this site. If appropriate we will add answers to queries on here so everyone can see the additional information - and we will let you know it has been posted 

We look forward to hearing from you.